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Enjoy the latest blockbuster films along with your favourite TV shows in a dream-like media room. With 8K video playback and immersive, fully 3D Dolby Atmos surround sound, home cinemas are now pushing the boundaries of what’s possible inside your own four walls and even rivalling leading cinema chains around the world.

From concealed drop-down projection screens to surround speakers integrated in the walls and ceiling, we’ll ensure that your home cinema experience is unmatched through ultra-clean and sharp visuals as well as crisp and distinct audio clarity and positioning.


Your audio and video experience does not have to compromise between aesthetics and quality. You can have the best of both worlds with our cutting-edge multi-room audio integration, video streaming and 8K content viewing – all supported by a dedicated and intuitive system and infrastructure.

We’ll design your integrated audio system in a way so that it’s relevant for many years to come. Our discreet integration will provide for the best possible viewing and listening experience while never compromising on room aesthetics.



In a proper and fully integration solution, all you need is a simple touchscreen or control panel to replace all those unnecessary handsets, dials and buttons – providing a single control point for all your AV, climate, lighting, security, water and more.

We create simple yet elegant interfaces to let you control all these aspects within your private property or commercial premises through a few taps, with functionality and aesthetic design sitting in perfect harmony with the interior décor.



With so many technological elements in your home using the same backbone system and wires to deliver services in and around your home – such as TV, data, telephony, CCTV, WiFi, etc. – your network might not be utilised in the most optimal way, especially with all the cloud-based and data hungry streaming services like iCloud, iPlayer or Netflix.


How you experience sound in your home or office is of the utmost importance. We care about how you enjoy music in each room or view your favourite TV shows. We carefully handpick from a vast array of audio and visual equipment to complement your entertainment needs for each respective room – whether that’s HD audio and video streaming or multi-room audio integration.

We’ll also ensure that all your cabling needs are met in a non-intrusive and minimalist way.



It’s important to enhance the quality of life by making the most of the natural light that comes into your premises. And being able to easily control the lighting in each room is paramount to fulfilling a variety of functions.

We provide lighting control solutions which allow lights in each room to be adjusted according to your mood and demands. Need to conduct a conference or perhaps watch a movie? All you need is a tap or two on your intuitive lighting control, either on a stylish panel or your smartphone, and you’re all set.



Our integrating blind, shade, shutters and curtains systems work synonymously with your home or office to fully control the flow of light and ambiance.

We offer complete end-to-end natural lighting control systems for residential and commercial setups, with made-to-measure blinds, shades, curtains and shutters for each window. We will also install and programme your integrated lighting controls to help you set the natural tone for each room as you please.



From initial design, planning and installation to upgrades and preventive maintenance, we develop intuitive and simple-to-use climate automation systems to help you easily control the heating and cooling in your premises, so that everyone feels comfortable around the clock.

Climate Control


With 4K CCTV cameras and crisp sound, you can easily monitor what’s going on around your premises. Stylish yet easy to use door panels let you answer the door at the touch of a button or remotely through your mobile device.



Our team is capable of installing advanced access control systems which utilise keyless scramble keypads and biometric readers capable of fingerprint and retina recognition.

With UHD CCTV cameras and intruder as well as fire alarms in place, experience the security of a well-guarded fortress whether you are at or away from your premises.

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